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The Shoei GT-Air 2. The latest addition and upgrade of it's predecessor, the GT-Air 2 meets and exceeds all expectations for a touring helmet. It offers a new 'slightly open' visor position with special beading for optimum sealing, 2 new ventilation outlets at the rear for dramatically increased airflow, a newly designed chin spoiler and is prepared for the Sena SRL2 communication system which perfectly integrates into the helmet without the protruding operating unit and without the helmet design being affected. All these new features paired with the features that made the GT-Air such a success means you'll have a touring helmet ready to take on whatever your journey has in store with the GT-Air 2, the answer to every condition. 

1. Feature

  • Prepared for SENA SRL2 communication system
  • Perfectly integrated into the helmet
  • No protruding operating unit
  • Helmet design won't be affected 

2. Safety

  • Shell in AIM
  • EPS-liner system with multiple densities
  • CNS-1 Pinlock® Visor
  • Double D Chin strap fastening 

3. Comfort

  • Enlarged QSV-2 sun visor
  • 3 different outer shell sizes
  • 3D centre pad, detachable and washable
  • Cheek pads, detachable and washable 

4. Ventilation

  • Multiple venting and extraction
  • Inlets at the upper head and chin areas
  • 2 Outlets at the rear
  • Dramatically increased airflow

5. Aerodynamics

  • Wind tunnel engineered aerodynamics
  • Integrated spoiler
  • Newly designed chin spoiler

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