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SHAD SH45 45 Litre Top Box Black Color

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Shad top box that holds 2 integral helmets which is an impressive volume for a top box.

The Shad SH45 is water resistant so you can store your belongings in the top box without having to worry about water leakage.

The top / lid can be changed to 6 different colors that you can buy separately.

The top box is extra shock resistant and will handle a harder hit if you unfortunately would drop your motorcycle.

All in all, a top box usually obscures your brake lights, and Shad has made a solution.

The solution is that you can buy a brake light that you easily connect with the motorcycle brake light, which makes your fellow travelers see when you brake.

Width: 56 cm
Height: 31 cm
Depth: 41 cm

Maximum Load: 6KG

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