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Spidi experience in Motogp and World Superbike serie generated a perfect mix of performance and design: the Track Wind Pro Tracksuit.

With many innovation tested during 2011 Season by Marco Melandri and Colin Edwards, this tracksuit is made of 1.2/1.3mm thick cowhide with advanced fitting tech thanks to its structure of stretch materials, neoprene inserts and Multitech/Biomechanic/Forcetech protectors, all coming from Spidi racing experience.

Protectors also include adjustable knee  Multitech and  hips, Track Wind Pro comes with back protector-ready back pocket and chest protector-ready front chest attachment.

    Full grain cowhide leather (1,2/1.3 mm thicnkness)
    Removable liner Mesh inner liner
     Force Tech protectors on elbows
     Biomechanic protectors on shoulders
     Multitech protectors on hip and knee (adjustable height) ,
    Flex Tenax areas for perfect fitting
    Warrior Back Protector Lev.1 or Lev.2 arrangement
    Warrior Chest Protector arrangement
    Clarino inserts on neck area Neoprene inserts on neck and wrist area
    High-Flow vents on shoulders and back

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